Build the strongest and best team on Ultimate Team! With the new FIFA 20 Hack for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and the PC you get free coins and points. These can then be used to open gold sets or to buy the players directly in the transfer market!

Here is the ultimate proof! We even open FUT Packs with the generated Points!

Step by step instructions for the coins hack

You can easily follow our tutorial if you can not watch the video above.

  1. Enter your username and which console you play on
  2. Connect to the database of the game
  3. Enter how many coins and points you want
  4. Press “Generate” and the process starts
  5. Confirm that you are not a robot – this is usually very fast and is free

This is exactly how the verification works

  1. Click on “Verify”
  2. Selects an offer from the list
  3. A new window will open – enter your mobile number there
  4. Receive a PIN as an SMS and then enter it in the window
  5. You will receive another SMS, answer this with “STOP”
  6. That’s it! You are verified and now get all coins and points on your Xbox, PS4 or PC.

Here’s a little comparison for you:

This is our team, which we got only by opening packs:

Spending the money has finally come to an end!

Every year the same situation. A new version of the game has been released and all your coins and players are gone. All the money you spent on FUT 19 for your team is gone forever. So you do not have to go for FUT 20, because with the FIFA 20 Hack we give you the chance to get as many free coins and points as you want. The best thing about this FIFA 20 Coin Generator, however, is that you are fully protected and do not need to be afraid of spells or anything else. In Coin Hack you can decide for yourself how many free points and coins you would like. Within just a few minutes, you’ll get them directly to your console or PC. Incidentally, the FIFA 20 coin generator also works perfectly for the Ultimate Team Web App and the FUT Companion for iOS and Android.

Players spend hundreds of euros every year

The highest goal is to get a super strong team each year with really blatant players. The best icons or players such as TOTY, POTM and many more. Getting these from gold packs is not impossible, but very unlikely. Nevertheless, players spend a lot of money each year right after the release of the game. Some even spend thousands of euros! It does not have to be that way. From now on, the FIFA 20 Coins Hack will never again help you spend a cent. While all other players spend their real money, you can simply use the FIFA 20 Coin Generator. All you have to do is click on the Online Hack button and it starts. Then simply enter your ID on which console or platform you play and how many free FIFA 20 coins and points you would like to get. Within the next 5 minutes you will receive them all!

Even more FIFA 20 cheats, tips and tricks

On so many pages you read cheats, glitches and bugs, but these are mostly just beginner tips or will be fixed with the next patch. The FIFA 20 Hack for Ultimate Team brings you coins and points to your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC or Switch . With these coins you can then do everything you want. It’s even easier, more reliable and faster than ever before. Use the FIFA 20 Coins Hack as fast as possible! Have fun!

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