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FIFA 20: Ratings in the trailer – OTW cards, new icon confirmed


Before FIFA 20 appears, EA publishes the ratings of the best players. So there is a new trailer that confirms new OTW cards, a new icon card and player values. In addition, EA Sports calls the final date for the unveiling of the 100 best players.

EA had suggested publishing the ratings of FIFA 20 on September 6, 2019. However, this day was not followed by the revelation, but a teaser trailer that you can see below.

The ratings of the 100 best players will be announced on Monday, 9th September at 4pm, writes EA. If you look down in the video but exactly, some values ​​are already betrayed and confirmed a new icon.

FIFA 20: Icons in FUT



So, for the first time, the Brazilian Kaká will be available as an icon in FIFA. In addition, EA has shown several ones-to-watch cards , including the Hazard brothers (see above).

EA has already confirmed the ratings of the other new FIFA 20 icons . You see them in the linked article. Also the French superstar Zinedine Zidane is there.


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The football simulation will be released on September 27 for PCs and consoles, but you can play FIFA 20 before the release . By pre-ordering certain editions you will get a pre-access and also a demo of FIFA 20 approaching.